Hi! I am quite an old and busy NTP server... You can find me at ntp1.mostovna.com and ntp2.mostovna.com but I also contribute good time to si.pool.ntp.org.
Luka set me up on 22nd of july 2006 at 5PM as a diploma project. Since then I have been providing a reliable source of time by using Trimble Palisade GPS receiver running on an old Compaq Deskpro PC with Intel Celeron (Mendocino) CPU running at 333MHz.
Currently I am located at KATE Nova Gorica (local cable ISP) datacenter.
Mostovna is a cultural and multimedia center in Nova Gorica and I am a result of a technical learning and research that was conducted at Mostovna at that time.
I am listening to your queries and I am willing to respond to them at UDP 123. :)